May 17, 2004

Some recent research into my neighbourhood (Kingsbury - London NW9) by visitors to this journal revealed that two of the founding artistes in a recently popular band called “Sugababes” were brought up here - and went to school just several metres away from where I live and the path of the Route79 bus. This band - who insist that they are not at all “manufactured” in any way - are recognised for their “urban street sound” and are apparently proud of their roots in Kingsbury - which is where they made their lucky break in the late nineties when they were just 15 years of age. (Goodness: I must have surely bumped into them at some point!)

Anyway - they have recently been touring the USA and causing a sensation there - especially for ousting George Michael to the number 1 spot in a recent edition of the Billboard music charts.

Sugababes - borne out of Kingsbury London NW9

Click play below to hear one of their recent smash hits: a really catchy, poppy number called “Hole in the head” - which I’m sure many of you will have heard before if you listen to poular radio channels - and is sure to get you tapping your feet in appreciation. Sugababes rock!

Posted by jag at May 17, 2004 10:33 PM
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