July 06, 2003
Zero A/C

Sunday afternoon errands. Jump into car. Ignition. Temperature reads 24. But as always - it feels a lot hotter inside the car after it’s been parked in the sunshine all day. My hand automatically reaches for the aircon control - will only take a minute or two for the cold blast.


Why not just wind down the windows like in the good old days? So - for extra effect I went back inside the house. Ran upstairs two steps at a time. Pulled out box from under bed - full of old odds and ends - including a few music cassettes - one of which I grabbed. That’s the one I wanted! Wiped the dust off it as I ran downstairs and back into the car. Fed the cassette into the player and through the clear-plastic cassette housing I nervously watched the old leader tape wind on as it started to play. I was hopeful … and sure enough the crackle of the first bit of brown tape was buzzing just fine. I was on my way with the windows wound right down and the volume cranked right up. And it felt good!

Posted by jag at July 06, 2003 10:32 PM
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