January 30, 2002
Tax Returned

All of a sudden I saw Sheriff John Brown aiming to shoot me down” from “I Shot the Sheriff” by Bob Marley.

Tonight’s Tax Return night. Dead right. For many months I have known that it would come to this. Impending fines and all that. How will I get myself out of this one? Well - the lucky fucker that I am - I did it.

Inland Revenue tries to be cool

FBI sounds like something cool and subversive. Tonight though, it’s a saviour: File By Internet; how on earth can a government be so progressive? And then I reminded myself that when it comes to money - even the “cool” is about making you part with it. Regardless, there is a certain “coolness” about the Inland Revenue; it’s FBI - and it makes the taxman appear cool.

TaxCalc did the hard work and BillPayment did the dirty work. I’m feeling good - like I must be the most arrogant taxpayer in the country - leaving it all to the last possible minute and then whistling through it like a breeze. This is probably not what the taxman intended - and this is what makes it feel so good. Serves him right for trying to be cool.

Posted by jag at January 30, 2002 11:58 PM
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