February 27, 2005
Artistic Engineering Whilst waiting for a southbound Met Line train at Wembley Park station - I noticed a guy wearing a high-visibility (Hi-Vis) jacket on the platform. The interesting thing was the fact that this particular jacket had the words "Artistic Engineering" emblazoned on the back. It made me wish that the jacket was mine. I would *love* to work for a company with a name like that!
Artistic Engineering. (I wish I worked for a company with a name like that!)
Posted by jag at February 27, 2005 09:42 PM
Like they say be carefull what you wish for... but wait a second the HiRes jacket doesn't that mean he must be working outside on the the road? The old political correctness term for Garbage men in New YorK City was giving them the job title of "Sanitation Engineer" Maybe his creative engineering is not that glamorous. Just another unsolved Rte 79 mystery. Posted by: Fritz on February 28, 2005 01:49 AM
Reminds me of a photo essay in the Guardian's Saturday supplement some weeks ago about 'the invisible men' - how the day glo jacket actually makes them less and less visible. The essay was also a chronicle of working people. Nice photographs too. Posted by: Anand on February 28, 2005 01:01 PM
Artistic Engineering - and its a part of Corporation of London??? Posted by: sat on March 1, 2005 04:27 AM
I used to like the name of the company on all the phones that I saw - now I work for them. I am currently liking the name of a software giant on anything their name is on - dont know if I will get a job with them :-) Posted by: Anand Viswanathan on March 1, 2005 05:33 AM
I want to do a Masters degree. When I should be checking into the programs for Computer Science or Computer Engineering, I am instead looking at the course work and requirements for magister programs in Literature, Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Ethics. Posted by: Sivani on March 3, 2005 07:18 PM
i wonder what work could be artistic that you need to wear a hiVis jacket and need to be out on the road... and be an engineer! :) Posted by: nita on March 4, 2005 06:49 AM
Test Posted by: Jag on March 4, 2005 08:22 PM
This is another test to see if comments are broken! Posted by: Jag on March 4, 2005 09:55 PM
Well it look like something is broken. Alas - when will I get the time to fix it? Posted by: Jag on March 4, 2005 10:01 PM
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