June 09, 2004
Convent Business

So - back in London from Dublin. And another couple of surprises to report back on.

Whilst waiting form my flight back to London at Dublin Airport - I noticed that the terminal building windows afforded a fantastic, unobscured view of the runway and landing strip - and I witnessed many planes taking off and landing whilst waiting for my flight to board.

Flight waiting to take off at Dublin Airport.

You may have guessed that I was over in Ireland on business for a couple of days - and on the second day I had an engagement in the heart of Dublin town. But because the office I was visiting had a shortage of meeting rooms - the host of the meeting had booked a room in a building across the road - which was a convent. Yes - a convent. A fully working convent too. It turns out that the enterprising people at this spiritual establishment (presumably the nuns) have spotted a gap in the market - and are hiring out their convent to local businesses to conduct their business in. Simply brilliant!

Before the meeting started - I had a quick opportunity to take a picture of the view out of the window of the convent conference room:

A view out of the conference room whilst in a business meeting at an Irish Convent.

Posted by jag at June 09, 2004 11:56 PM
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