April 18, 2004
A40 Westbound

One of my friends from work - who lives in my neighbourhood - has kindly been giving me a lift home from work (and vice versa) on the occasions that he takes his car to work. One of the quickest routes by road is a major urban highway called the “A40”. From the North Circular Road outwards towards the M25 this road is a three-lane highway that offers some of the most interesting and magnificent visuals of suburban West London.

The A40 London urban highway - my favourite!

I love the A40 westbound - I already wrote about that some time ago. But a lift to work afforded a perfect opportunity to indulge in some multimedia audio/video production - from the comfort of the front passenger seat of my friend’s car! The soundtrack to the video is taken from what used to be the BBC theme tune to Formula One motor racing - you know the extract to the Fleetwood Mac number that makes you feel like putting your foot down and racing up to 200 miles per hour. For those of you familiar with this route - you will notice us driving past RAF Northolt - where the streetlights become shorter - and also through the Hillingdon/Ickenham stretch - as well as past the Polish War Memorial. You will also notice that we had to slow down as we approached the scene of a car crash - and you get a glimpse of the wrecked car.

Make sure you turn up the bass - and turn up the volume for maximum enjoyment!

Do a right-click and “Save Target As ..” here to download

Approximately 2.29 Megabytes - should take around 60 seconds on broadband.

Download it and save it to a folder of your choice on your computer.
Then double-click on the file when it’s done.

Posted by jag at April 18, 2004 01:10 PM

Hmmm - I have not yet seen the video - will try tonite - its a big download.
And about that college video - I am sure you wouldnt want to see the video - its half full of people smking and drinking - (that occurs in hostels a lot - and me in other half).
Besides, even though the video is only 30 minutes long and DivX encoded - it takes a whopping 550MB (It consisted of DivXed clips joined together) and we dont have that much online space here. I will actually be taking it in a CD.… :-)

Posted by: sat on April 19, 2004 03:02 AM
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