September 07, 2003
Damned statistics

Well - it seems like the urge for introspection calls - I’ve noticed a few people of late being self-analytical about their journals - but specifically that type of analysis brought about by an examination of web server stats. Once again - Diamond Geezer sets a self-congratulatory trend to summarise a year-full of blog visits and referrals. This stimulated me into doing some of my own - although I don’t have year full of stats on my current domain ( to go by - since before that it was hosted as a sub-section of my Views from Broadway site. But, I have just over 4 months worth - and what more suitable a point in time to perform my first-quarter analysis.

In fact - I’ve decided to provide a permanent link in my left-hand side-bar (under MISC LINKS) to my stats pages.

Webmasters statement for the last quarter:

Over 8000 visitors have arrived here delivering over 28,000 page impressions amounting to 1.8 Gigabytes of traffic sent from my site to nearly 4000 different directions on the Internet and nearly 400 different types/versions of web browser.

The average number of daily visits to Route 79 bubbles under a hundred per day, with the majority (up to 25%) coming in as “direct requests” (perhaps from people’s browser “favourites” menu - or typed out by hand) and the rest being mostly made up of referrals from search engines (mainly Google and Yahoo). Only a handful of visits are made as clickthroughs from other people’s blogs - and when they are - the majority of those tend to be people clicking through from comments boxes where I might have left comments.

Since a significant number of hits come in from search engines - it’s worth examining for a minute the search terms used - in some cases they are entertaining - in others simply perplexing. Here are some interesting ones: (I have grouped together similar search terms. And I have hyperlinked those Google searches that present Route 79 pages in the first page of search results. The ones in bold are the ones that, as of today, Google ranks number 1 in the search index for!)

transvision vamp, transvision band, wendy james transvision vamp, transvision vamp video download
arty graffiti, graffiti fume, fume london graffiti, him fume, fume graffiti
retro television, british retro, retro television
50 reasons london
beautiful israeli men
blog prefab sprout
friendship comment
i pull on my jeans and i feel all right lyric, jeans on song, jeans on
kid bbc mr benn theme
musical hit back to life back to reality
pictures of cute policemen
pictures of the english countryside
quirky facts
tivo changed my life
matrix ping pong, ping pong matrix-stylee, original matrix ping pong
artistic photographs of legs, leg photos, legs project, legs, legs gallery, legs picture, gallery of legs, artistic photos legs -sex -xxx -porn -hardcore
deja vu matrix
route de cute
song lyric shower curtain
wake up time to die
5p coin
bernard manning, bernard manning has always told racist jokes
london buses
indian dishes
how to open a padlock
origin of the word blog
farah damji
pictures of people with no legs
cupro nickel
hobson’s choice brighouse
bilingual wedding invitations

So - there you have it - an obligatory “thank you” to those of you who visit here regularly.

Posted by jag at September 07, 2003 04:42 PM
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