August 30, 2003
An observation ...

by King Crimson:

In The Court of the Crimson King

Reading through JustZen’s excellent articles on Zappa - I couldn’t help but notice a reference to King Crimson in his fave bands list and then - WOOSH! I was blown away by the very thought of it! Make vertical snake-like motions with your hands - arms stretched out in front of you - chanting “tiddle-liddle, tittle-liddle, tiddle-liddle” in a high pitched tone - just like those crackpots in Wayne’s World and let me take you back to a time before - when I was at college …

It’s way after midnight sometime in late June - after the exams have finished and I’m playing a late night game of poker with friends. Gathered around a smoky, lit-by-anglepoise-lamp kitchen table, I was the master of seven-card-stud - nobody could read my face right - and I cleaned ‘em all out - every time. And tonight was no exception.

In waltzes Paul “Senior” - a mature student (in his early forties and studying Economics) - obviously back from a pub - and noticably drunk. Very much so. He slumps down on the chair next to me and starts rolling a rizla - sprinkling the dregs out of a couple of dog-ends in the ash-tray. He tries to follow the game - but gets fed up after a few minutes and staggers out to the hallway and into his room. He returned a few minutes later with an audio-cassette - and politely asks me in slurred voice if I could play this in my ghetto-blaster hi-fi - which was on one side of the kitchen table quietly playing Infected by The The. I reluctantly agreed to do so. And then as it started … all of us playing poker just stopped playing. We were mesmerised by the music - pure rock, or was it jazz - whetever it was - it was mind-blowing. (Trust me - there was no funny stuff around). The volume was on max and we were transfixed.

The next morning I noticed that one of the speakers on my hi-fi had blown its high-frequency speaker. No music had ever done that before. It was “21st Century Schizoid Man” that had done it.

Nothing he’s got he really needs
Twenty first century schizoid man.

King Crimson (Robert Fripp and co.)

Posted by jag at August 30, 2003 02:49 PM
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