May 03, 2003
What are words worth?

Well I finally got around to relocating my blog from my Views from Broadway website to here. And this time, instead of creating my pages in Dreamweaver, I’ve loaded up the excellent Movable Type blog content management system to manage the site - and I am using the w.bloggar windows application to publish my entries using XML-RPC from my PC. Actually - blog creation, for me, usually happens on my (Route 79) bus journey home after work - drafting notes on my Nokia 9110 mobile phone - so when I get home I just upload the notes into w.bloggar and publish! And when I get new mobile phone that support JAVA MIDP2.0 - I will be able to use the Azure mobile phone client!

Now I can focus less on the web-design and more on THE WORD

Words of nuance, words of skill
And words of romance are a thrill
Words are stupid, words are fun
Words can put you on the run

From a really catchy number from the early ‘80s by Tom Tom Club

Posted by jag at May 03, 2003 12:08 PM

Fantastic web-site Jag! Love the design! so quirky, creative and techy at the same time! Real stuff, for the real journeys…
Thanks for the link :-)

keep traveling.…

Posted by: margareta on May 3, 2003 03:13 PM

Thanks for the deeeelite-ful feedback Margareta!

Posted by: Jag on May 3, 2003 04:52 PM
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