February 01, 2002
Stormy weather

Padlock still open.

The chills that you spill on my back
Gives me filled with satisfaction
When we´re done
Satisfaction of what´s to come

from “Groove is in the Heart” by Dee Lite.

Deee Lite

Deee Lite

Rayners Lane trains notable by the absence of their arrivals at Ham in a pattern that is typical of journey’s home on Fridays. End of the week. Storm in the air. Wondering whether the 79 bus from Alperton is going to be a good idea. It’s a double-decker you see. Might get blown over by a gust of 80mph wind. What would I do then? So when it arrived I sought solace on the bottom deck - right next to the emergency exit window. This made me feel a lot better.

Low flying aircraft. I’ve noticed they do this whenever the storms are in session. The bright lights pierce the low-lying clouds as these gigantic birds drop into gusts that would blow an ordinary man of his feet.

I look up and wonder if the diet-coke is flying everywhere up there? Is the coffee splashing onto the video-screen smartly placed on the back of the seat in front? This brings back a recall of that chilling half-hour before I hit the ground at Heathrow from Belfast in 1992.

It makes me smile now. Because I’m on the ground - and they’re up there. I kissed the ground like the pope does that day - I was that relieved. I was oblivious to the torrential rain that was soaking me to the skin. It actually felt good. And the pilot was my hero.

Posted by jag at February 01, 2002 06:56 PM
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